Vanda Godfree – R.H.N.

Vanda first joined the team at the Holistic Healing Arts in April of 2001.  Already a true success story of the benefits of Naturopathic Medicine, her years as part of the team sharpened her interest to the degree that, in 2003 she enrolled with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition and in 2005 received with distinguished merit, her diploma as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist  (R.H.N).

In addition to one on one consultations with patients referred to her by one our our NDs, Vanda handles all promotion and outreach programs for the clinic.  She arranges and co-ordinates all lectures and events having to do with introducing the clinic, naturopathic medicine and any outreach community programs.  She is also that friendly, professional face at the Holistic Healing Arts that you often see on the front desk.

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