Group Acupuncture

A Great  Way to Get Some Hands-On Care

Come in for some good old fashioned hands-on care and relaxation. Dr. Angela Hanlon, ND has been practicing traditional Chinese acupuncture since 2008. She is skilled in tongue & pulse diagnosis, and will use these tools to monitor your progress and evolve your treatments. She has a gentle touch and a good ability to sense Qi flow through the meridians, but is not afraid to provide a solid and assertive treatment as long as you’re ok with that. She explains as she works so there are no surprises.

What to Expect

Call the clinic to secure your spot; there is space for 5 people per session. Expect to be at the clinic for 45-60 minutes. You won’t have to remove your clothing, just your socks. But please avoid wearing skinny jeans or strong scents. To make sure that everybody gets what they need out of the session, this will be a time of quiet reflection. You’re welcome to stay and chat with each other in the public area after the acupuncture session.

If You Are a Patient of the Clinic

You’ll fill out the Group Acupuncture Intake Form so that Dr. Angela knows about your most important health needs. She will then sit down with you for a 15 minute Acupuncture Consultation. The cost of the Acupuncture Consultation is $25 and will be scheduled before your first acupuncture session. If Dr. Angela is not your primary ND, getting group acupuncture from her need not interfere with the continued care you receive from your own ND.

If You Are Not Yet a Patient of the Clinic

You can book an Initial Consultation with Dr. Angela. If you have private insurance for naturopathic doctors, some or all of the cost of your visits would be covered. Dr. Angela will take a close look at your body systems and give you recommendations according to your health goals. Expect to receive a good solid plan to improve your health at this Initial Visit. This is a process that, by law, NDs are required to do.

Either way

You can design your acupuncture schedule according to what suits you best. You can come in twice a week, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly. Dr. Angela can provide her opinion about what is optimal for you based on the time and resources you have.
Though therapeutic, group acupuncture cannot provide you with the kind of personalized care you get from comprehensive naturopathic care. During group acupuncture, Dr. Angela won’t be able to give you recommendations that don’t directly relate to your acupuncture treatments.