Dr. Kristofer Bitner, MASc., N.D.

Dr. Bitner has been a licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2010 and is a firm believer in treating the root causes of disease and the power of diet and lifestyle to influence health and well-being. Originally trained as an engineer, he was inspired by the power of lifestyle interventions and natural therapeutics to improve quality of life and longevity, and consequently became a Naturopathic Doctor.

With a strong interest in conventional Naturopathic therapeutics, Dr. Bitner is also interested in the research and applications of nutrigenomics, dry-needling, calisthenics, mindfulness/meditation, and fasting. He has additional training that includes auriculotherapy, intravenous infusion therapy, and facial rejuvenation acupuncture.

Dr. Bitner looks forward to meeting and working with each new client to support and empower them in their journey towards improved health and well-being.

To Email Dr. Bitner: drbitner@ndoc.ca

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